Sleeping under the stars!

sleeping under the stars

Put this one on your bucket list because it will sure be one hell of an experience you’ll never forget! Besides that it doesn’t get more romantic than this we promise!

We are not exactly the camping types to be honest (except glamping of course) but sleeping under the stars has always been one of our dreams. And what better then to combine this romantic experience with the comfort and luxury of a hotel. Does that even exist? Yes it does we found out recently so we had to share it with you.

Counting stars in Los Cabos

The Las Ventanas al Paraiso resort in Cabo San Lucas offers amazing views over the Gulf of California. Surrounded by lanterns you’ll sleep  right underneath the stars. No uncomfortable air mattresses or sleeping bags at this luxurious resort. You will relax on a very comfy kingsize bed which is set up on your suite’s vast patio.  And if you’re lucky you might even see some falling stars during your stay and wish you never ever have to leave!