Tokyo, where crazyness meets the organized lifestyle

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Tokyo, one of our faves!

Tokyo – the Japanese capital – is one of our favorite cities in the world. Why? Because it’s crazy, busy, colorful and at the same time organized, quiet and peaceful.

In daytime everybody is in a hurry. The hard-working-life is very important and most people will work around 10 hours a day. When the workday has ended they’ll go into the city to grab a bite. The city gets busy and people will be more relaxed. At nighttime the karaokebars are very popular. This is a must do when you’re in Tokyo. We experienced a crazy bachelorparty in Karaoke Kan, known from Lost in Translation. When your crazy night has ended and you need to get back to the hotel you have to take a cab or walk, because public transport stops at midnight.

You can recognize the organized lifestyle on the streets. People only do cross the streets when the light is green. Very different from other asian cities. Even around midnight, when there are just a few cars on the road people will wait for the green ligth to crossover. Besides the organized lifestyle they’ve thought about everything. On every corner of the street you can grab a cold or hot drink from the vending machines. Even the hot coffees are delicious! This is why we love Japan.

Vending machine tokyo
Vending machines in Tokyo

Must do’s

Are you confinced about visiting Tokyo or Japan in general? You should at least pay a visit to the popular and most busy crossing in the world in Shibuya. Gamers will definitely fall in love with Akihabara, the gaming centre of the world. Also for non-gamers this is a must visit. A lot of people are dressed like Manga dolls, very cool to check out 😉 Tip 3: go into the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tower. You can reach the 45th floor of this building with a 360 degrees view of Tokyo. By clear daylight you can even see Mount Fuji!

Shibuya Tokyo Akihabara Tokyo
                 Shibuya crossing – Tokyo                                                               Akihabara – Tokyo

Wanna get in the mood for Tokyo? Watch Hachi – an award winning movie based on a true story (you can even visit a statue of Hachi at Sjinjuku station) – and Lost in Translation – a movie about an expat living in Tokyo -.

Where to book?

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