Swimming with pigs in the Bahama’s

swimming with pigs

Did you put “swimming with dolphins” on your bucketlist? Probably you want to add “swimming with pigs” to your list after reading this blog about swimming pigs at the Bahama’s.

On the islands of the Bahama’s you can enjoy yourself with a lot of different activities. From scuba divng to sightseeing and from snorkeling to surfing. But there is another activity wich is very popular: swimming with pigs. Visit these adorable pigs on Pig Beach – official home of the swimming pigs – and watch them basking in the sun, swimming in the surf and greeting visitors happily because they know that they’ll get a nice treat.

How the piglets came to the island

These swimming pigs aren’t native and the island is deserted, so it’s a mystery how the piglets came to live on Big Major Cay. The most popular story about these pigs is that sailors dropped them on the island with the idea of coming back and cooking them. Nowadays approximately 20 pigs are living on Big Major Cay – now known as Pig Beach -. The pigs can survive easily on the island because of the freshwater springs and the generosity of the tourists visiting the swimming pigs.

swimming pigs foto swimming pigs group

Once in a lifetime experience

The Bahama’s are known for it’s white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, luxury resorts and fine dining. Since a couple of years the swimming pigs are added to this list. Thousands of tourists have already visited Pig Beach. It was already a dream destination, but now you can experience this once in a lifetime opportunity of interacting with these beautiful animals. You’ll get the real Bahamian feeling for sure.

Where to book?

The best way to visit the swimming pigs is with a daytour from Great Exuma Island, because this island is much closer to Big Major Cay than Nassau for example. A day tour costs about $175. One of the best agencies to book with is Robert’s Island Adventures. You can book daytours visiting Sand Bar, Swimming Pigs, 007 Grotto, Iguanas, Swimming with Sharks including a great place to eat.

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