Camping on your own private island in the Phillipines

Island hopping coron

Once in a lifetime experience!

Yes, it’s true and yes it’s an amazing experience. We are going to tell you how you can go camping on a private island with beautiful beaches, palm trees and no one else on the entire island. It’s a real Robinson Crusoe experience! But first, a little story about our stay in Coron (Palawan).

When we were in the Phillipines last February we went to this beautiful area. Even the flight from Manila to Busuanga/Coron was amazing. Our plane was zig-zagging through the hills of the island right before the landing. Already we fell in love with this island… mother nature at her best!

We stayed for about five days in the Coron area. The hotel we stayed in is called Kokosnuss Garden Resort. The room we stayed in was really beautiful. It was a small bungalow in tropical settings including a private bathroom, there is an outdoor swimming pool and a good restaurant where you can have a delicious meal.

A must do when you are on Coron is an island hopping trip. Your guide will bring you to the most beautiful beaches, lagunes, viewing points and waters. You can arrange these kind of island hopping trips in the centre of Coron Town. Walk into town, take a tuk-tuk or rent a scooter. You can choose from multiple island hopping trips. We chose trip A and trip B. Unfortunately the wind was to heavy to go on trip B so this one got cancelled.

Instead of being sad all day because are trip was cancelled we stepped into a tuk-tuk and drove to a nice beach on the other side of the island. Really quiet en peacefull. There are multiple beaches on the east side of the island. Bali beach is the most quiet one, with a beautiful view on the deserted Coron Island.

camping private islandBut now… the highlight of the trip: camping on a deserted island! We contacted the owners of Pier House Lodging in Conception on the nothern side of the island. To accomplish this awesome trip we rented a scooter for two days. On day one we drove to Conception. The owners of the hotel arranged the camping trip for us. They lent us a tent, blankets and we brought some food and drinks in a coolbox. A private sailor brought us to the deserted island. We set up the tent, lighted a fire, got ourselves some coconuts from the trees and started to relax… what a day, and night!

On day two the sailor came back to pick us up around 11.30 / 12.00 am. We got back to Pier House Lodging and ate a good lunch. The complete trip did cost us about $50. It is a must try when you are in Coron and it’s definitely worth the money!

How to get to Coron

When in Manila you can get a flight to Busuanga. There are muliple airlines heading to the island. We took a flight with Skyjet. It was cheap and there was good service on board. For around $35 you can book a flight and you even get someting to eat and drink during the 40 minutes flight. Find the cheapest flights in our sidebar!

How to get around

On the island you can rent a scooter, take a tuk-tuk, rent a bike or walk around. It’s a really good place to drive, because it’s not that Asian-busy.

Arrange the island hopping trips

You can get into Coron Town and arrange the trips for the next day. We had some good experiences with Nice in Paradise.

Arrange the private island camping trip

Contact Pier House Lodging one or more days in advance to ask if they can arrange a camping trip to a private island for you. The owners are very friendly and will to the best they can! Their hotel is also a great place to relax. Grab a beer and a good meal while you’re enjoying the view over the ocean.

                                    View at Kayangan Lake                                                      Doing the dishes at our private island

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