New Zealand: the most beautiful country on earth!

New Zealand

Most travelers will tell you that New Zealand is the most beautiful country on earth. We believe it is. This country has everything! From bounty beaches to dark forests and from glaciers to vulcano’s and so on. It’s a pity that New Zealand is so far away for a lot of people. But a good thing is that you can discover the whole country in approximately 4 till 6 weeks!

Cities of New Zealand

When your holiday starts you’ll probably fly to one of the bigger cities: Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington. All cities are relaxed and the locals are very nice. You can spend easily a day or two in these cities without getting bored.

The whole world for yourself

In New Zealand are many national parks, viewing points and attractions. With signs on the road you’ll find them easily. Many times you’ll have the feeling that you have the whole world for yourself. Roads are quiet en nature is peaceful. From the road you can walk to a picknick area, take a long walk on the beach till nobody is around anymore or climb a hill and enjoy the breathtaking view.

Are you a Lord of the Rings fan? Then you’ll find yourself in the beautiful Middle Earth for minutes!

Abel Tasman NP New Zealand Mount-Cook-Lake-Matheson New Zealand
   Abel Tasman National Park – New Zealand          Mount Cook, Lake Matheson – New Zealand     

Getting around

You can discover the whole country by busses if you want to go on a budget trip. Most travelers rent a car or an RV/camper. Across the country there are many, many, many! hotels, hostels, b&b’s and campings. So no worries about getting a place to rest.

Where to book?

For getting around the country you can choose for Kiwi Experience busses (with a lot of partying youngsters) or Stray Bus (a little more expensive but quiet). You can rent a car or an RV. Maybe there are even RV’s for just $1 a night available for you, for real! Read here more about it.

Cheap flights to – according to many – the most beautiful country on earth can be booked via this link!

rotorua new zealand Mt Ruapehu, Tongariro NP New Zealand
                Rotorua – New Zealand                                            Mt. Ruapehu Tongariro – New Zealand