About iWanderaround

About iWanderaround

Let us introduce ourselves. We are two travel addicted Dutchies and always looking for new adventures abroad. Despite our limited budget, we have seen many beautiful places all over the world. On iwanderaround.com we would like to share all of our secrets with you! From affordable tickets to the most awesome places on eart to very cheap trips to the city of your dreams.

Countries visited

USA, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, China, Hungary, Serbia, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Morocco, Portugal, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic, Belgium, The Netherlands, England, Scotland, South-Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia,  United Arab Emirates, Russia, Luxemburg, Greece, Turkey, San Marino and Slovakia.

Favorite Countries:  

Japan, Scotland, Indonesia, Italy, Philippines and Portugal.

Favorite City:

New York City, Lisbon, Berlin, Prague and Tokyo.

Most beautiful place ever visited:

Amalfi Coast (Italy), Scottish Highlands (Scotland), Coron Palawan (Philippines).

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